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We love pet photography. From cats to dogs, or something more exotic,
we enjoy creating pet portraits which you will enjoy for years to come.
If you have an idea for a pet portrait please give us a call.

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Pets and ChildrenPet Photography - Dog in Studio Near WichitaDog Photography


We love working with pets. Over the years we have worked with everything from rats to horses. Snakes are even welcome. We are often complemented on our patience when working with pets. Just like people, pets have their moods and expressions and we realize that to pet owners their pets as they are of their children.

Pet Portraits


Pet Photography - Dog in Studio Near WichitaPets and ChildrenMouse Photography


We offer a wide range of different gifts. Favorite pet picture, one of yours or ours, can be placed on many items including magnets, mouse pads, dog tags, purses, and jewelry boxes. These make incredible gift ideas. To see examples check out our gift ideas section.

Outdoor Pet PortraitDo you already have a photo? We will be happy to produce one of our mouse pads, dog tags, refrigerator magnets, or purses from your photo. Please contact us for more information. If you pet does not travel well we also offer in-home pet portraits.


Large Pet Photography




Planning your pet portrait session.

Clothing Guidelines

    • Select form-fitting (not loose), classical styled clothes
    • Don't try to wear the same color clothing as your pet.
    • Avoid wearing white tops, or black tops
    • In many cases, your legs and feet will be showing, so remember light socks with light shoes, and dark socks with dark shoes.





Clothing Coordination Recommendations

Pet Color

Color Suggestions

red, gold, yellow, tan

blue, deep purple, turquoise, green

black & white

red, dark orange, burgundy


eggplant, off white tones


royal blue, orange, lime green


yellow, orange, purple, light teal


What about makeup and accessories?

Senior with DogWomen should wear a matte finish base or powder spread evenly on the face to help reduce shine, as well as lipstick and eye makeup. Children should wear clear lip balm. Please bring a hair brush and hair accessories and keep jewelry simple. We also recommend that you remove your watch so that it does not reflect the flash or leave a mark on your wrist.


Should we bring toys or props?

You are welcome to bring one change of clothes for the family, and highly encouraged to bring any favorite beds, toys, outfits, chew bones, and accessories for your pets. If your children have a favorite stuffed animal, doll or toy they like to hold and hug, bring it along! For older children and teens, they may like to bring a favorite musical instrument or sports equipment item to help their personality shine through.

How should I prepare my pet for being photographed?

Pets with fur should be brushed before our session. Eyes, teeth and ears should be checked and cleaned. NAILS SHOULD BE TRIMMED AND FILED. Unless it is a discipline and control issue we will ask you to remove your pets' collars.

What about having my pet groomed?

Your Pets are welcomeGrooming is recommended if it is done at least one day prior to their photo session. Professional grooming typically requires pets to spend a few hours of waiting and standing while being shaved and trimmed, and may also involve a blow dry. It's a long day and they come home tired. Your pets will be more alert and awake for their photo session if they have came from home and are rested.


What should I bring?

Please bring a baggie full of some extra-special treats, pre-cut in very little pieces as rewards for a job well-done!


The treats you bring to the portrait session should be something your pets do not normally get at home, or get only on special occasions. Soft Treats are better than crunchy biscuits, which make your pet thirsty and take time to chew.

Families with multiple pets should also bring an additional family member or friend that your pets are familiar with as an extra pair of helping hands.

Studio Pet Portraits

Will my pet be afraid of the flashing strobes?

I don't know your pets - but I've photographed hundreds of pets and the majority of animals do not show any signs of being afraid of the lighting.


I will take a few minutes to get to know your pet. Taking that few extra minutes usually helps the pet relax and makes the session go smoother.


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