Over the years of offering professional photography services we have met many professionals
who we believe share our beliefs in quality and customer service.


We feel comfortable recommending these business for your special event.


California Photographers


Creative Photography


Creative Photography Inc. - Stephanie and her loyal crew know what todays modern bride and groom want for their wedding photos. They want a picture that captivates, moves them and makes them remember what a wonderful day it was. She knows what is important to make the day work,“being unobtrusive, having fun and listening to the couple’s requests, to make sure the couple gets what they want.” Stephanie shoots in digital with a spontaneous approach to each picture she takes. “She blends a mix of 10% formals with 90%photojournalism.” The types of mediums she likes to use are sepia tone and black and white with a little color. She likes to“mix it up” and give the couple a wedding album that no one can forget.


The quality of work combined with her 18 years of experience makes Stephanie a favorite of many wedding planners and

designers. She will travel from LA county all the way to Mexico to photograph your wedding. She is also available

to travel worldwide.