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Trust your wedding photography to a professional.

Wedding Photography


Wedding Ring PhotoYou have a wedding date picked out and have made many other decisions. Now it is time to select that professional wedding photographer who will capture your special day for you. I have worked in most of Wichita's wedding venues and understand what is needed to provide great coverage of your special day.


As a wedding photography professional I understand how to work with people, have taken pictures in all kinds of lighting situations, and have made the investment in professional equipment to help make sure that nothing goes wrong. The most important of all of these is the fact that I have years of experience in wedding photography and I want to be a part of your special day.


Outdoor Wedding Photography



Do you have an idea for a fun engagement session? If we think it would be fun the engagement session can be free.

Wedding Party Groomsmen JumpingFun and off the wall wedding photography ideas are welcome. As part of the planning process we will talk about various ideas. We may even look at websites together to see what kind of fun photographs we can do at your wedding to help make it all more fun.


Are you thinking about videographer as part of your wedding? If so, as of 2014 we now offer documentary video as part of our packages. Our documentary video package includes coverage of the ceremony, wedding party and family interviews, cake cutting and some fun guest interviews. This is a great way to have fun videos for your smart fun or to post on your social media pages.


Save the Date Cards, and Wedding Invitations

Save the Date Cards


Photo wedding invitations and thank you cards are more likely to be kept and enjoyed when they are fun and off-the-wall.

Don't be afraid to consider a more modern approach to your wedding invitations or thank you cards.


We do not charge for the invitation layout and you are free to print them yourself. We consider this a part of our wedding packages. Look at our samples page for more ideas.


Coffee Table Books/Wedding Albums


Coffee table books are an inexpensive ways to give wedding album gifts to family and friends. They are also an excellent way to decorate your new home. Coffee table books are relatively in-expensive. Once your wedding album is done we can create coffee table books for less than $100.



Reception Gifts

Imagine your guest coming to the reception and on the table is a portrait of the newlyweds as a gift. With our fast on site printing equipment, this is an option. These prints can be made available for as little as .99 without a folio and $1.69 with a folio.



Reception Slide show

Do you want to entertain your guest with a slide show of your life, which ends with the wedding ceremony. We will work with you to create the slide show and the final DVD can be given as gifts to your family and friends.


If you are really looking for something wild we can create a slide show that changes with each picture that we take. This will really keep it interesting.